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Antique 1900's Baseballs

All antique 1900's baseballs on this page have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling vintage baseballs.

1900’s EXPERT Model Baseball made by Harwood

This vintage baseball is a 1900’s EXPERT Model Baseball made by Harwood. This is an exceptional antique baseball which dates to the prime of the deadball era. Baseballs from this era were often given colorful names like, ROCKET, BOUNDER, CHAMPION, PITCHER'S PRIDE, etc... This particular baseball we have never seen before! The condition is solid EX-MT with strong markings and the shape is well preserved. A scarce early baseball!

Vintage Baseball - Victor Wright & Ditson

Turn of the Century Victor Wright & Ditson "CHAMPION" Baseball, great early baseball with exceptional markings, MINT.

Turn of the Century LEAGUE Model Baseball

Turn of the Century “LEAGUE” Model Baseball with an identified horsehide cover. This is an exceptional vintage baseball which remains in beautiful condition. This amazing orb maintains is shperical shape perfectly and all of the stitching is present and intact. Baseballs from this time period continue to become more difficult to find... this one is a beauty.

1905-10 Spalding “SPALDING LEAGUE” Model Baseball

This vintage baseball is a 1905-10 Spalding “SPALDING LEAGUE” Model Baseball. Spalding was the leading baseball manufacturer during this era and they made the finest baseballs. This beautiful vintage baseball is an example of their work. It is made of the highest quality materials and crafted to perfection. This SPALDING LEAGUE baseball is the first that we have encountered in 22 years and amazingly it has remained in stunning NR-MT to MINT condition!

1900-10’s Tober “State League” Baseball in the Original Box

This is a 1900-10’s Red and Black Stitched Tober “State League” Baseball in the Original Box. Tober was one of the earliest, "small" baseball goods makers. Operating out of Hartford, Connecticut they focused on leather goods; baseballs and baseball gloves. This is the oldest Tober baseball we have ever handled featuring a stunning early logo that we have never seen before! Vintage baseballs from this era continue to rise in rarity, popularity and value. While these baseballs are typically found in less than excellent condition, this is a fantastic example! The baseball remains unused with bold markings and the original box is very appealing with the original paper seal. Both the baseball and the box feature, in fine detail, the gorgeous Tober logo.

1900-10's Anchor Brand "College League" Baseball

his is a 1900-10's Anchor Brand "College League" Baseball in the Original Box. Amazingly, this baseball has remained unscathed for all these years. This "College League" model would have been made for the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc... but never found it's way to the diamond.

1909 Reach Official Southern Association Baseball

This is a great old baseball produced by the A. J. Reach Sporting Goods Company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reach manufactured a full line of baseballs and this was the 1909 Reach Official Southern Association Baseball. This vintage orb is ultra rare! During this time Reach was making all of the Official American League baseballs and Spalding was making all of the Official National League baseballs.

1909 Reach Official American League Baseball

1909 Reach Official American League Baseball. Official American and National League baseballs are among the most sought after by the vintage baseball collector.

Patented Aug. 1, 1909 Spalding "Official Cork Center League"

This very scarce Spalding model No.00 baseball features bold markings and pristine red and green stitching. The exceptional unused, NR-MT to MINT condition is a true rarity!

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