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Vintage 1910's Baseball Bats

All antique 1910's baseball bats on this page have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling vintage baseball bats.

Vintage Baseball Bat Circa 1910 - Bottle Bat Style with Unique Elk Head Logo

Thisvintage baseball bat is a 1910’s Bottle Bat Style with an awesome logo of an Elks Head. This scarce model 22 is a beautiful bat in and of itself as a bottle bat... the addition of the great looking logo is just a huge bonus. This antique baseball bat measures 34 inches in length and remains in wonderful NR-MT condition.

Antique Baseball Bat - Zinn Beck Model 400

A Late 1910’s - Early 1920’s Zinn Beck Model 400 Baseball Bat. A beautiful vintage baseball bat with attractive Diamond 400 logo deeply burned into the surface. Zinn Beck was a professional baseball player from 1913 to 1918. He played with the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees. He started his baseball bat company in the late teens. The Zinn Beck Bat Company was located in Greenville, South Carolina and they produced many different models. In fact, quite a large number of baseball's top professional players used bats made by the Zinn Beck Bat Company. This example measures 34 inches and remains in solid EX-MT condition.

1910’s Thomas E Wilson Decal Bat

This is an unusual vintage baseball decal bat for indoor baseball. This antique bat was made by the Thomas E. Wilson Sporting Goods Company. It features an attractive multi-color decal that reads "Official Indoor" and remains 90% intact! Another rare aspect of this bat is the flame tempered handle. From about a foot from the knob, and including the knob, the handle was flame tempered. This was done to strengthen the wood and minimize handles cracks but is also created a great looking feature of the bat. A unique bat with strong Thomas E. Wilson markings, a multi color decal and a unique handle all come together to make for a rare and attractive display bat in solid EX-MT condition.

1910’s Zimmerman Professional Model Baseball Bat

A 1910's Zimmerman brand baseball bat. This antique baseball bat was made by Zimmerman and features the attractive crossed bats and baseball logo. Within that logo is indicated "Oil Tempered" and on the barrel end is the model name, Professional. The Zimmerman Manufacturing Company was located in Michigan but moved within the state a few times. This bat is from the Corunna, MI location, a tough bat to find. Void of cracks, it measures 35 1/2 inches and remains in EX-MT condition.

1910's Eddie Collins H&B Decal Bat

This 1910's Eddie Collins H&B Decal Bat is a wonderful 36 inch club. The decal remains 70% intact and the antique baseball bat has beautiful wood grain. A great looking bat in strong EX condition!

1910's GoldSmith "Professional" Decal Bat

1910's GoldSmith "Professional" Decal Bat, scarce and early P.Goldsmith's Sons burned in logo, 36" thick handled club is NR-MT with 70% decal.

1910’s Lew McCarty Spalding Autograph Model Baseball Bat

This is an extremely scarce bat endorsed by Lew McCarty who split most of his major league baseball career playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. His career lasted nine seasons from 1913 to 1921. This outstanding, vintage baseball bat features a medium brown finish and perfect markings. The condition is solid EX-MT with a perfect patina!

1910's A G Spalding & Bros. Signature Model Bat

1910's A G Spalding & Bros. Signature Model Bat, beautiful finish, 34", EX.

1910's Thomas E. Wilson Baseball Bat

This great vintage baseball bat is among the earliest Wilson bats. It measures 35 inches with a very thick handle and features strong markings. Excellent condition.

1910's Thomas E. Wilson Eddie Collins Model Baseball Bat

Thomas E. Wilson Eddie Collins Model Baseball Bat. This exceptional vintage baseball bat has the Thomas E. Wilson & Company logo burned into the center and model E.C. at the end of the barrel. A scarce Eddie Collins player model. Collins broke into professional baseball in 1906 with the Philadelphia Athletics and by the 1909 season he was a full-time player. He played 24 years in the majors and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

1910's Louisville Bat Company Model No. 6

1910's Louisville Bat Company Model No. 6 Baseball Bat . This giant war-club is 35 inches of gorgeous vintage baseball bat. The wood grain and surface patina are positively ideal and the logo is burned in beautifully. The unusual vertical logo, thick handle and nearly flawless condition, combine to create a stunning baseball bat from the 1910's.

1910's H&B "Champion No. 8" Baseball Bat

1910's H&B "Champion No. 8" Baseball Bat. This fine bat was made by the Louisville Slugger Bat Company when it was named the Hillerich & Bradsby Company. In attractive "old-time" script, the early label recognizes this model as the Champion No. 8. The surface patina, wood grain and markings are all positively ideal.

1912-25 Spalding Miller Huggins AUTOGRAPH Model Baseball Bat

This is a 1912-25 Spalding Miller Huggins AUTOGRAPH Model Baseball Bat. This fine antique baseball bat is a gorgeous Miller Huggins model made by The A.G. Spalding Sporting Goods Company. It is a high quality bat made to the specifications of a professional model bat. The markings are superb, deep and dark, as nice as they can be! Miller Huggins gave 17 years to professional baseball as a player for the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals and is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The condition is solid EX-MT to NR-MT!

1910-20's Honus Wagner 16" Souvenir Baseball Bat

honus wagner

honus wagner

A 1910-20's Honus Wagner 16" Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. This exceptional piece of vintage baseball memorabilia comes in the form of an incredible NR-MT to MINT condition souvenir bat issued by the Louisville Slugger bat company! A tough item in any condition, this one is to be considered extremely rare!

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