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Antique 1910's Baseballs

All antique 1910's baseballs on this page have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling vintage baseballs.

1910's Harwood Official Indoor Baseball MINT in Original Box

Scarce 1910’s era Indoor Baseball made by H. Harwood & Sons out of Natick, Mass. This novel item was made by one of the leading baseball makers during the era. This very high quality, vintage indoor baseball remains in flawless unused condition and it's complete with the original box. The ball itself features red and blue stitching and the markings are dark, bold and crisp! The box remains in excellent condition with the paper label neatly intact. A great opportunity to add a scarce, high quality baseball to your vintage sports memorabilia collection! SOLD

1910’s Simmons Hardware Co. Baseball Mint in Box

A 1910's Simmons Hardware Company Baseball MINT in the Original Box. Along with Winchester, Schmeltzer and a few other fire arms and hardware companies, Simmons also offered baseball equipment. The offered vintage baseball was the Interscholastic League model by Simmons Hardware Company. This baseball and box combination is an exceptional example. The red and blue stitched baseball has never been used, it's very clean with dark and bold markings. The box remains in excellent condition and having the paper seal intact is a nice addition.

1910's Schmeltzer Arms Company Red and Black Stitched Baseball

This is a very rare, vintage baseball from the 1910's era. The baseball is the variety with two colored stitching. The stitching is red and black and the maker is the Schmeltzer Arms Company. The baseball is their Official League Ball, as indicated on the sweetspot below their logo. On the opposing side of the baseball is the Schmeltzer Arms Company scripted logo. This unique vintage baseball has excellent eye appeal and remains in NR-MT condition.

1910’s John A. Spinney Sporting Goods Company - Official League Baseball

Here is a very scarce 1910's Baseball with 2-colored stitching. Made by the John A. Spinney Sporting Goods Company. It was their Official League Baseball which featured a horsehide cover and guarantee of 18 innings. This is the first baseball we have seen from this maker. The logo is very nice with a full body image of a period batsman in vintage baseball garb.

1910's Harwood National League Baseball

This early and scarce National League model baseball has green and red stitching and remains in pristine unused condition. Outstanding!

1910's Reach Official League Baseball

This uncommon baseball is in remarkable NR-MT to MINT condition! It has bold, deep blue markings and stitching of alternating red and green thread. It is a striking display piece!

1910’s Double Header Official League Baseball in the Original Box

1910’s Double Header “Official League” baseball in the original, and very unusual, box. The offered vintage baseball is very unique as it housed in its original two-piece box. The box is very sturdy and was made so purposely because it was meant to be used for shipping the baseball as well. One side of the box was designed specifically to print on it shipping information. Another panel explains that when the cover of the baseball becomes worn, you should return it in the box to have it re-built! The box was never used to send the baseball in for refurbishing and remains in excellent condition. The baseball appears to have never been used and grades NR-MT. These multi-color stitched baseballs continue to be a very popular area of baseball memorabilia collecting. In 21 years of being in business I have only seen a box like this one other time.

1910's Vintage Baseball - CAYUGA Treman, King & Company

1910’s Red and Black Stitched “Official League Ball” MINT in the Original Box... CAYUGA brand made by Treman, King and Company from Ithica, New York. Vintage baseballs from this era continue to rise in rarity, popularity and value. While these baseballs are typically found in less than excellent condition, this example is positively STUNNING! The baseball is bright white and flawless. Additionally, the box remains in exceptional condition and is complete with the original paper seal. Both the baseball and the box feature, in fine detail, the gorgeous Cayuga American Indian Chief logo.

1910's D&M "City League" Baseball in the Original Box

This is an outstanding black and red stitched baseball, box has partial seal but grades poor.

1910's Red and Blue Stitched Pioneer League Baseball

This red and blue stitched baseball shows modest use with very nice markings. A great item for your antique baseball display, EX-MT!

Antique Spalding King of the Diamond Baseball - 1910's

This vintage baseball is in phenomenal condition as it remains in its original box. Additionally, the factory paper seal placed around the box is complete and fully intact. This baseball is considered a very scarce in any condition and to be found in this pristine state is truly amazing.

1910's Draper & Maynard Champion Model Baseball

1910's Draper & Maynard Champion Model Baseball. This is an exceptional antique baseball which dates to the prime of the deadball era. Baseballs from this era were often given colorful names like, ROCKET, BOUNDER, CHAMPION, PITCHER'S PRIDE, etc... This particular baseball we have never seen before! The condition is solid EX with strong markings and the always appealing D&M Lucky Dog logo.

1910's Reach Official Indoor Baseball

This seldom seen ball has red and blue stitching with superb markings. Outstanding, NR-MT to MINT, unused condition!

1910's Red and Blue Stitched Baseball

This great vintage baseball features red and blue stitching. It displays beautifully with an ideal patina!

Vintage Howard Brand Baseball

1910's Howard Brand "Official League" Baseball MINT in the Box, high quality baseball with an unusual maker, ball notes "guaranteed for 27 innings".

1910-20's D&M Green and Red Stitched "Double-Seam" Baseball

1910-20's Green and Red Stitched "Double-Seam" Baseball made by the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company. This is the very first of this style baseball that we have ever seen! The stitching is complete and tight, and the overall condition is excellent with a nice D&M logo.

1910-20's Brine Baseballs & Case Box

1910-20's Brine Baseballs and Case Box. This is a fantastic grouping of antique baseballs including the original case box which housed the original dozen. Made by the James W. Brine Company the baseballs were the "Official League Ball" models. Each of the vintage baseballs remains in its original unopened box with the paper seal intact.

1914-15 Official Federal League Baseball

This 1914-15 Official Federal League baseball was made by the Victor Sporting Goods Company. This baseball is easily considered the rarest of all of the official league baseballs including all versions of the American League, National League, Negro League, different associations etc...!

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