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Vintage 1930's Baseball Gloves

All antique 1930's baseball gloves on this page have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling vintage baseball gloves.

Antique Baseball Glove - Mitt made by Buffalo Sporting Goods

Here we have a 1930's Vintage Baseball Mitt in Gorgeous Black Leather, made by the Buffalo Sporting Goods Company from Buffalo, NY. The images above do a fine job of describing this mitt... it remains in solid NR-MT to MINT condition, supple leather, bold markings, and great looking! This exceptional vintage baseball baseman's mitt is their Professional Model - B35 made of genuine horsehide. The interior is equally as nice as the exterior.

1930’s Babe Ruth Vintage Baseball Glove - Spalding

Here is a 1930's Babe Ruth Baseball Glove made by Spalding. This exceptional vintage baseball glove is their Home Run Special model. Vintage Babe Ruth model baseball gloves are always very desirable and difficult to find in great condition. This exceptional example features a blazing Babe Ruth signature on soft supple leather. A wonderful antique baseball glove inside and out that remains in EX-MT to NR-MT condition! Just a superb baseball collectible as it appeals to the collectors of Babe Ruth, the New York Yankees, vintage baseball gloves or any antique baseball memorabilia in general... it has it all! The perfect "holder" for your Babe Ruth single singed baseball!

Scarce 1930’s Left-Handed Catcher’s Mitt

This is a rare 1930's Left-Handed Catcher's Mitt. This vintage baseball equipment rarity was made by the A. J. Reach sporting goods company out of Philadelphia , PA. The marking is light but present. The righty to lefty ratio was nine to one during this time and even fewer for catcher's mitts I'm sure. This example is a real beauty that remains in wonderful condition. The contrasting black and tan leather on the back looks great along with the sturdy and shiny buckle and strap. The mitt is an exceptional example from this era and remains in solid EX-MT condition! For a left handed thrower.

1930's Cecil Travis Reach Glove

1930’s Cecil Travis Reach Glove
1930's Cecil Travis Reach Glove, bold facsimile autograph, very rare EX.

1930's Spalding Pinky Whitney Baseball Glove

1930’s Spalding Pinky Whitney Baseball Glove
1930's Pinky Whitney Model Baseball Glove produced by the A. G. Spalding and Bros. Sporting Goods Company. Pinky Whitney began his professional baseball career in 1928 with the Philadelphia Phillies. He then went to the Boston Braves in 1933 and back to the Phillies in 1936 where he ended his major league baseball career 3 years later in 1939. This fabulous vintage baseball glove is of professional quality, having a leather binding and nice markings. It also has a great looking, shiny buckle-back strap.

1930's Al Simmons TruSport Glove

1930’s Al Simmons TruSport Glove
1930’s Al Simmons TruSport Glove
1930’s Al Simmons TruSport Glove
1930's Al Simmons TruSport Glove, terrific high quality glove features bold markings with a blazing facsimile signature, nice cloth patch on wrist strap, EX-MT.

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