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Vintage 1940's Baseball Bats

All items on this site have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling baseball memorabilia.

1940’s Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Decal Bat

A 1940’s Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Decal Bat which remains in NR-MT to MINT, unused condition! This Babe Ruth model bat remains in nearly perfect condition in every regard. The bat shows no signs of use, the center brand markings are perfect and the all important decal remains almost entirely intact, with only a few freckle size flakes missing. Babe Ruth is the single most desirable name in baseball, a true icon for the game and legend of the diamond. Decal bats are impossible to find in perfect condition and this one comes as close as it gets. Just a positively GORGEOUS bat which remains in phenomenal

1940ís Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

1940ís Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. This fine antique baseball bat is a Hillerich & Bradsby model No. 14W endorsed by Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth is an icon for baseball, a household name that everyone knows. This is the result of his 22 seasons of professional baseball and explains why everyone wanted a Babe Ruth model baseball bat. The owner of this bat either didn't like baseball or wasn't very good at it because it shows no evidence of ever being used. The surface is free of dings, dents or even smudges and the markings are perfect.

1940-50’s Ted Williams Decal Baseball Bat

This is a 1940-50’s Ted Williams Decal Baseball Bat made by the Louisville Slugger Bat Company. This great looking vintage baseball bat features a stunning, full color decal of Boston Red Sox legend, Ted Williams. The bat is in solid NR-MT to MINT condition with the exception of a crack which fortunately is primarily on the "backside" of the bat.

1940-50's Ted Williams Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

Ted Williams Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
1940-50's Ted Williams Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. It is an H&B model number 9 with very bold markings. Of course, Ted Williams is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame but he is also a legend of baseball. His nineteen years as a player of professional baseball were all with the Boston Red Sox where he is arguably the greatest player ever to dawn the Red Sox jersey.

1940-50’s Jackie Robinson Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

This is a 1940-50’s Jackie Robinson Louisville Slugger, Model No. 9, Baseball Bat. The offered vintage baseball bat is endorsed by the Brooklyn Dodger legend, Jackie Robinson. The bat is quite large with a thick handle (same as Jackie ordered for his professional game used bats) and measures 36 inches long. All of the markings are deeply burned into the wood giving the bat an excellent display quality. Jackie Robinson played ten years of professional baseball, all with the Brooklyn Dodgers where he overcame many obstacles and went on to become a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Rogers Hornsby H&B Bat

This Rogers Hornsby H&B baseball bat is of very high quality. The old Louisville Slugger features the bone rubbed marking along with all of the other markings, very strong and bold. It is 35 inches, has a great finish and is in wonderful EX-MT condition!

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