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Antique 1970's Baseballs

All antique 1970's baseballs on this page have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling vintage baseballs.

1973 George Sosnak Baseball of Roberto Clemente

A 1973 George Sosnak Baseball of Roberto Clemente. This exceptional baseball is without a doubt one of the finest Sosnak has ever created. George Sosnak (1922-1992) was a minor league baseball umpire who had a genuine and authentic passion for the game of baseball and its players. A quick search of his name will yield a wealth of information on the history of his passion and the creating of these works of art, which he most often simply presented to the player, person or organization as a gift. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had a particular affection for the Pirates. This baseball recognizes Roberto Clemente, arguably the greatest player to ever wear the Pirates uniform and surly a favorite of Sosnak. In typical fashion this baseball is loaded with facts, statistics and great moments related to Roberto Clemente and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Also, of course, including a few renditions of Clemente. The baseball has been cherished and loved since it's creation as it has remained in flawless condition. The condition and color are even more impressive in person!

Spalding Lee MacPhail 1970's Baseball

1970's Spalding Official American League Lee MacPhail Baseball MINT in the Original Box, early and tough MacPhail ball, box is VG-EX.

1970's Spalding Official National League Feeney Baseball

1970's Spalding Official National League Feeney Baseball, MINT!

1970 Chicago White Sox Team Signed Baseball

1970 Chicago White Sox Team Signed Baseball, on a Reach OAL Cronin.

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