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Vintage Baseketball Memorabilia Museum

All items on this site have been sold on the sponser of this site. This site is designed to be a showcase of great sports memorabilia. Visit if you are interested in buying or selling basketball memorabilia.

1890-1900s Harvard Basketball Team Photo

1890-1900’s Harvard Basketball Team Photo
This is a great 1890-1900s Harvard basketball team photo. It is a very early basketball image measuring a HUGE 10x 12. The impressive cabinet is crystal clear and identifies the players on the Harvard team, EX.

1906-07 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame

1906-07 Basketball Team Photograph in Original Frame
This wonderful antique basketball photograph dates from just fifteen years after Dr. James Naismith created the game! The seven man team is nicely posed in matching vintage basketball uniform with the team manager at back center. The photo is positively gorgeous.

1910 Girls Basketball Championship Banner from LA County

This is a Very Large and Ornate 1910 Girls Championship Basketball Banner.  This unique piece of vintage basketball memorabilia measures 25"x 35" and recognizes the Los Angeles County High School Girls Basketball Athletic League City Section Championship team for 1910 as – won by LONG BEACH.  Only 19 years after James Naismith created the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts this banner was very detailed banner was created on the other side of the country! It is very well made of blue and gold wool felt with a polished cotton backing and very ornate fringe and binding material. It has remained in quite fine condition with scattered moth bites and minimal fading. A very striking display piece to add a nice splash of color to your antique basketball collection!

1910’s Canvas and Leather Basketball Carrier

1910’s Canvas and Leather Basketball Carrier. The vintage basketball is NOT included in this listing. The offered item is this very scarce, canvas and leather basketball carrier. That's right!... a special bag that fits perfectly just one basketball. This is how things of importance were taken care of 90-100 years ago. This bag has survived in wonderful condition with the leather remaining supple, the buckle and strap remain intact and the canvas is free of any rips, holes or tears. A very scarce and interesting vintage basketball collectible. The condition is NR-MT!

Circa. 1910 YMCA Basketball Medal

1910 YMCA Basketball Medal
Circa. 1910 YMCA Basketball Medal, embossed figures on front, EX.

1911 Basketball Trophy

1911 Basketball Trophy
This is a very rare Vintage Basketball Trophy from 1911. This antique basketball trophy comes in the form of a silver loving cup that stands 10 1/2 inches tall. It is nicely detailed and inscribed with, Farrington Trophy - won by - DRIGGS SCHOOL - Basket Ball Team... The bottom of the base is stamped "Manufactured and plated by Reed and Barton."

1916 Kutztown University Basketball Pocket Mirror - State Champions

ITEM 1: Offered here is a lot of two items. The first is a 1916-17 Kutztown University (Kutztown State Normal School) Pocket Mirror of the Pennsylvania State Champions Basketball Team. This wonderful piece of vintage basketball memorabilia features a team photograph of the 1916-17 Kutztown University Basketball Team. The University was known as the Kutztown State Normal School at this point in time. The pocket mirror measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter and remains in exceptional EX-MT condition. The second item is a 1912 class yearbook also from the old KU known as KSNS. The yearbook is loaded with great images of the sports teams, clubs, and of course the students. The condition is VG-EX with fading to the cover. A great vintage basketball ensemble with rich history.

Vintage 1916-17 Basketball Team Photo!

1916-17 Basketball Team Photo
Awesome! 1916-17 Basketball Team Photo! Very unique photo features the team pictured inside an actual leather basketball! Measures 8"x 11" framed.

1922 Big League Basket Ball Game

1922 Big League Basket Ball Game
1922 Big League Basket Ball Game. Early basketball games are extremely scarce, this great vintage basketball game is dated 1922 and features beautiful full color graphics on the lid, the condition is EX-MT.

1931 Laced Basketball Trophy

Offered here is a Beautiful 1931 Laced Basketball Trophy. This wonderful antique basketball trophy was presented to the Girls Champions of Kingfisher County in the year 1931. The trophy is silver in color and is in the form of an actual, almost full size laced basketball. It has an ideal patina that will compliment any vintage basketball collection. Measuring 10 1/2 inches tall it remains in solid EX-MT condition.

1930’s Art Deco Basketball “Bookends”

Offered here is a pair of 1930’s Art Deco Basketball “Bookends.” This unusual pair of vintage basketball bookends has wonderful art deco appeal, the solid black with gold trim and detail looks great! They have remained in exceptional NR-MT condition and will make for a fine display among your vintage basketball items.

Vintage 1930's HUGE 16 " Basketball Figural Trophy!

1930's HUGE Basketball Figural Trophy
1930's HUGE 16 " Basketball Figural Trophy, exceptional trophy, NR-MT.

1930s USA Basketball Sign

1930’s USA Basketball Sign
1930s USA Basketball Sign. Marvelous and unique copper sign with art deco appeal is 12 with USA eagle carrying laced basketball in its talons, EX.

1930s Basketball/Fountain Pen Holder

Basketbal Fountain Pen Holder
1930s Basketball/Fountain Pen Holder, 3 in diameter, very unique, EX-MT

16inch 1933 Figural Basketball Trophy

This is a HUGE 16 Figural Basketball Trophy Dated from 1933. This is quite likely the finest vintage basketball trophy that we have ever owned. This impressive award features a huge, silver, figural player wearing period garb and holding a vintage lace-up basketball. It rests upon a black metal base, all of which is of the highest quality.

1934 Basketball Sweater - RARE

1934 Basketball Sweater - RARE
This is a very rare 1934 Basketball Sweater. This vintage basketball sweater is made of high grade wool in a gray color and sewn onto to the front is a large red basketball dated 1934. This is very early for a basketball sweater and the condition is outstanding! Because of the high quality, a maker's tag was likely present originally, but is no longer.

1955 Trophy Basketball made by Spalding

This fine antique basketball doubles as a beautiful, vintage basketball trophy! The basketball is a top quality example that was made by the Spalding Sporting Goods company, the Official Top-Flite model 100. The ball shows minimal use and is carefully painted with the year 1955, and all the details from this important game. Hopewell and Monaca were the teams, with Hopewell winning 61 to 45. A very scarce item and a beautiful addition to any vintage sports display or basketball collection!

Early 1960s Wilt Chamberlain Spalding Basketball Picture Box

Early 1960s Wilt Chamberlain Spalding Basketball Picture Box. This is a rare and unusual six-sided box that pictures the legendary Wilt Chamberlain in uniform, it is a unique Chamberlain collectible and remains in EX condition!

1962 Figural Basketball Lighter

1962 Figural Basketball Lighter
1962 Figural Basketball Lighter, ceramic desk lighter in NR-MT condition.

Lew Alcindor Basketball Box

Lew Alcindor Basketball Box
Lew Alcindor Basketball Box. This very rare picture box features Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) at a very young age. The box has two photo-like images of him on two of the sides, and two different graphics of number 33 in action on the other two sides. An unusual and outstanding basketball collectible!

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